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Yang Liu Personal Page


2000-2004, University of Science and Technology of China, Bachelor in Physics
2004-2010, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Ph. D in Physics (Advisor: Prof. Tai-chang Chiang)


2010 Nov – 2012 June, Postdoc researcher, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (Prof. Tai-chang Chiang group)
2012 July – 2014 Sep, Postdoc researcher, surface scattering and microdiffraction group, X-ray science division, Argonne National Lab, USA
2014 Oct -2015 Oct, Postdoc researcher, Cornell University (jointly with Prof. Darrell Schlom and Prof. Kyle Shen)
2015 Oct – Present, Tenure-track professor, Zhejiang University  

Honors & Awards

Aladdin lamp award, Synchrotron Radiation Center, 2008 (USA)
Guo Moruo Scholarship (郭沫若奖), University of Science and Technology of China, 2004

Research Interests

Our research interest lies at novel thin films and interfaces that are of fundamental scientific interest and technological relevance. The central questions that we would like to address includes the following: How does the dimensionality, i.e., quantum confinement, affect the electronic correlations/properties in ultrathin films? How does the broken symmetry at the interface generate exotic quantum phases? How do we understand the strong correlations between structure and electronic properties in these films? Specifically, we are interested in a class of materials which exhibit strong coupling between lattice, spin, charge and orbitals, including complex oxides, heavy fermions, etc. By tuning the film thickness (dimensionality) and interfacial property (interaction), new/superior quantum properties could be achieved for device applications. 
Experimentally, we are combing advanced thin film growth techniques and in-situ electron spectroscopy to understand the electronic structures of thin films. For film growth, we utilize molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) to prepare atomically uniform films with sharp interfaces. To measure the electronic structure, we make use of angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) to directly probe the electronic states in the films.We are currently designing and building a MBE + ARPES system at Zijingang campus (东四教学楼).

Meanwhile, we are also making extensive use of national and international synchrotron facilities to perform synchrotron X-ray scattering and spectroscopy experiments on these materials. Recent developments in surface X-ray scattering and resonant X-ray scattering has made it possible to solve the atomic/interfacial structure in thin films with high precision. Resonant scattering and X-ray absorption spectroscopy are also complementary tools to study the electronic property and ordering. Using these tools, we hope to understand the structure-property correlations in these thin films. 

Our research group is part of the center for correlation matter (CCM) at Zhejiang University. CCM is an international center that fosters innovative and collaborative efforts towards significant scientific problems in the field of correlated materials. We work closely with other groups in the center. 

Selected Publications (* indicates corresponding author)

Y. Wu, F. Yuan, P. Li, Z.-G. Xiao, H. Zheng, H. Yuan, C. Cao, Y.-F. Yang*, and Y. Liu*, Bandwidth-control orbital-selective delocalization of 4f electrons in epitaxial Ce films, Nature Communications 12, 2520 (2021).

Y. Wu, Y. Zhang, F. Du, B. Shen, H. Zheng, Y. Fang, M. Smidman, C. Cao, F. Steglich, H. Yuan*, J. D. Denlinger, and Y. Liu*, Anisotropic c-f hybridization in the ferromagnetic quantum critical metal CeRh6Ge4, arXiv: 2104.03600, Phys. Rev. Lett. (In press).

Z. Wu, Y. Fang, H. Su, W. Xie, P. Li, Y. Wu, Y. Huang, D. Shen, B. Thiagarajan, J. Adell, C. Cao, H. Yuan, F. Steglich, and Y. Liu*, Revealing the heavy quasiparticles in the heavy-fermion superconductor CeCu2Si2, submitted. 

P. Li, B. Lv, Y. Fang, W. Guo, Z. Wu, Y. Wu, C.-M. Cheng, D. Shen, Y. Nie, L. Petaccia, C. Cao*, Z.-A. Xu*, and Y. Liu*, Charge density wave and weak Kondo effect in a Dirac semimetal CeSbTe, Sci. China. Phys. Mech. Astron. 64, 237412 (2021). 

Y. Li#, Y. Wu#, C. Xu#, N. Liu, J. Ma, B. Lv, G. Yao, Y. Liu, H. Bai, X. Yang, L. Qiao, M. Li, L. Li, H. Xing, Y. Huang, J. Ma, M. Shi, C. Cao*, Y. Liu*, C. Liu, J. Jia, and Z.-A. Xu*, Anisotropic gapping of topological Weyl rings in the charge-density-wave superconductor InxTaSe2, Sci. Bul. 66, 243 (2021). 

Y. Fang, D. Wang, P. Li, H. Su, T. Le, Y. Wu, G.-W. Yang, H.-L. Zhang, Z.-G. Xiao, Y.-Q. Sun, Y.-Y. Hong, Y.-W. Xie, H.-H. Wang, C. Cao, X. Lu, H.-Q. Yuan, Y. Liu*, Growth, electronic structure and superconductivity of ultrathin epitaxial CoSi2 films, J. Phys.: Cond. Matter. 33, 155501 (2021).

刘洋*,曹超*,吴帆,袁辉球,拓扑近藤半金属,物理 49卷9期,602 (2020). 

W. Xie, Y. Wu, F. Du, A. Wang, H. Su, Y. Chen, Z. Y. Nie, S.-K. Mo, M. Smidman*, C. Cao, Y. Liu*, T. Takabatake, and H. Q. Yuan*, Magnetotransport and electronic structure of the antiferromagnetic semimetal YbAs, Phys. Rev. B 101, 085132 (2020). 

Yi Wu, Yuan Fang, Shuyi Zhou, Peng Li, Zhongzheng Wu, Xiaozhi Guang, Xiaoxiong Wang, Chao Cao, Tai-Chang Chiang* and Yang Liu*, “Strong band kinks in magic-thickness Yb films arising from interfacial electron-phonon coupling”, arXiv:1906.08564. 

Peng Li, Zhongzheng Wu, Fan Wu, Chunyu Guo, Yi Liu, Haijiang Liu, Zhe Sun, Ming Shi, Fanny Rodolakis, Jessica L McChesney, Huiqiu Yuan*, Frank Steglich* and Yang Liu*, “Large Fermi Surface Expansion through Anisotropic c-f Mixing in the Semimetallic Kondo Lattice System CeBi”, Phys. Rev. B 100, 155110 (2019). 

B. Y. Pan, H. Jang, J.-S. Lee, R. Sutarto, F. He, J. F. Zeng, Y. Liu, X. W. Zhang, Y. Feng, Y. Q. Hao, J. Zhao, H. C. Xu, Z. H. Chen, J. P. Hu*, and D. L. Feng*, “Intertwined Spin and Orbital Density Waves in MnP Uncovered by Resonant Soft X-Ray Scattering”, Phys. Rev. X 9, 021055 (2019). 

Zhongzheng Wu, Fan Wu, Peng Li, Chunyu Guo, Yi Liu, Zhe Sun, Cheng-Maw Cheng, Tai-Chang Chiang, Chao Cao, Huiqiu Yuan* and Yang Liu*, ‘Probing the Origin of Extreme Maggnetoresistance in Pr/Sm Mono-Antimonides/Bismuthides’, Phys. Rev. B 99, 035158 (2019)

Peng Li, Zhongzheng Wu, Fan Wu, Chao Cao*, Chunyu Guo, Yi Wu, Yi Liu, Zhe Sun, Cheng-Maw Cheng, Deng-Sung Lin, Frank Steglich, Huiqiu Yuan*, Tai-Chang Chiang and Yang Liu*, “Tunable Electronic Structure and Surface States in Rare Earth Mono-Bismuthides with Partially Filled f Shell”, Phys. Rev. B 98, 085103 (2018). 

C. Y. Guo, F. Wu, Z. Z. Wu, M. Smidman, C. Cao, A. Bostwick, C. Jozwiak, E. Rotenberg, Y. Liu, F. Steglich, and H. Q. Yuan*, “Evidence for Weyl fermions in a canonical heavy fermion semimetal YbPtBi”, Nature Communications 9, 4622 (2018).

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Feel free to contact me at yangliuphys@zju.edu.cn or visit my personal website at