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Guo Chunyu  郭春煜

E-mail: cooperuin@gmail.com

topological semimetals in kondo systems

Pang Guiming  庞贵明

E-mail: 11336031@zju.edu.cn 

superconducting order parameter investigation

Weng Zongfa  翁宗法

E-mail: zjuweng@zju.edu.cn  

Chen Yuhang  陈宇航

E-mail: emhang@126.com 

sample synthesis

Wang An  王安


penetration depth/order parameter/noncentrosymmetric superconductor

Shen Bin 沈斌

E-mail: shbzju@gmail.com

high pressure/high magnetic field/strongly correlated electron systems

Wu Fan  吴帆

E-mail: 1450793450@qq.com

topological semimetal/heavy fermion/quantum criticality

Zhang Yongjun  张勇军

E-mail: ztfsqj@163.com

sample synthesis/Heavy fermion compound

Che Liqiang  车利强

E-mail: 809879092@qq.com

point contact spectroscopy/extreme low temperature

Xie Wu 

Email: 2275518384@qq.com

heavy fermion/quantum magnetism. quantum phase transition(QPT)

Le Tian  乐天


point contact spectroscopy on superconductor and heavy fermion system

Fang Yuan 

Email: 2062525979@qq.com

x ray spectroscopy

Du Feng 

Email: 749071738@qq.com



Xia Xinbei  夏心贝

E-mail: 2414565862@qq.com

sample synthesis

Liu Qian  刘芊

E-mail: 986079153@qq.com

sample synthesis

Huang Qi  黄琦

E-mail: 932519377@qq.com

point contact spectroscopy on superconductor and heavy fermion system

Li Peng  李鹏

E-mail: 1530404719@qq.com

rare earth material or 4f material’s electron structure study by ARPES

Wu Zhongzheng  吴中正

E-mail: 375235849@qq.com

Angular Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy(ARPES)

Zhang Peiran  张沛然

E-mail: przhang@zju.edu.cn

electronic structure/first principle calculation/crystal growth

Nie Zhiyong  聂智勇

E-mail: 1324721822@qq.com

superconducting order parameter’s measurement

Su Hang  苏杭

E-mail: 840365291@qq.com

Li Jie  李洁

E-mail: 21736045@zju.edu.cn

Yin Lichang  尹礼长

E-mail: 1461357698@qq.com


Wu Y

Email: 1783204231@qq.com