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Center for Correlated Matter at SCES 2017

In July 2017, seven members of the Center for Correlated Matter (including four postgraduate students) attended the 2017 Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES 2017) conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

This annual meeting is a prestigious annual international event in the field of strongly correlated condensed matter, bringing 900 participants together from around the world. Following on from the successful organization of the SCES 2016 conference at Zhejiang University by the Center for Correlated Matter, the Center was well represented at SCES 2017, where three members gave invited talks (out of a total of 100), while the others presented posters on their research. In addition, in his role as chair of the 2017 SCES prize committee, Professor Huiqiu Yuan chaired the award ceremony at the conference. The event also provided ample opportunity for learning, discussion and fostering collaboration with other groups around the world.

The SCES 2017 award ceremony, chaired by Prof. Huiqiu Yuan.


Participants from the Center for Correlated Matter at the SCES 2017 conference venue.


Participants from the Center for Correlated Matter by the Vltava river in Prague, en route to the SCES conference dinner.


Mr Chunyu Guo gave an invited talk, presenting recent results showing evidence for Weyl fermions  in the Kondo lattice system CeSb.


Prof. Huiqiu Yuan was invited to talk about the superconducting order parameter of the first heavy fermion superconductor CeCu2Si2, where a novel form of d-wave superconductivity is proposed.

Dr. Michael Smidman gave an invited talk discussing recent proposals for an unusual even parity, spin  triplet superconducting state in LaNiC2 and LaNiGa2.