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Seminar:Interplay of Topology and Geometry in Fractional Quantum Hall Liquids

Time: 2pm, Nov. 16 (Thursday)

Location: Room 242, East 4 teaching building, Zijingang Campus

Prof. Kun Yang

National High Magnetic Field Lab and Physics Department, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306

Abstract :

Fractional Quantum Hall Liquids (FQHL) are the ultimate strongly correlated electron systems, and the birth place of topological phase of matter. Early theoretical work has emphasized the universal or topological aspects of quantum Hall physics. More recently it has become increasingly clear that there is very interesting bulk dynamics in FQHL, associated with an internal geometrical degree of freedom, or metric. The appropriate quantum theory of this internal dynamics is thus expected to take the form of a “quantum gravity”, whose elementary excitations are spin-2 gravitons. After briefly reviewing the topological aspect of FQHL, I will discuss in this talk how to couple and probe the presence of this internal geometrical degree of freedom experimentally in the static limit [1], and detect the graviton excitation in a spectroscopic measurement [2]. Comparison will be made with recent experimental [3] and numerical [4] work.



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[2] Kun Yang, Acoustic Wave Absorption as a Probe of Dynamical Gravitational Response of Fractional Quantum Hall Liquids, Phys. Rev. B 93, 161302 (2016).

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[4] Matteo Ippoliti, Scott D. Geraedts, R. N. Bhatt, Numerical Study of Anisotropy in the Composite Fermi Liquid, arXiv:1701.07832.