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Seminar:Exploring actinide-based intermetallic compounds

Andreas Leithe-Jasper

MPI-CPfS, Dresden, Germany

Time: 2:00pm, June 12, 2018

Location: Room 201, Teaching Building 12, Yuquan Campus, Zhejiang University


After a short introduction of our laboratory at the MPI-CPfS as well aslight actinides in general I shall focus on the chemical physics of recently investigated intermetallic phases. New compounds ThPt2 [1] and ThPt3Be [2] are discussed. The phase stability of ThPt2 compared with competing structural arrangements as well as chemical bonding scenarios are highlighted. Against expectations, ThPt3Be adopts no Cu3Au-derived crystal structure Analysis of the chemical bonding situation reveals this compound to be stabilized by strong Pt-Th bonding with an additional supporting Be-Pt bonding framework.

In hexagonal UBeGe [3] we observe uniaxial ferromagnetism of local uranium moments. X-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy (XANES, 17-300 K), as well as theoretical DFT calculations indicate localized U 5f2 states in UBeGe. ThBeGe is a diamagnetic metallic system with low DOS at the Fermi level.

Finally, I shall give a materials scientist’s view on UBe13, an archetype of U-based heavy Fermion material. I want to share with You surprising new results on flux-grown single crystals. They comprise unprecedented insights into the local atomic structure and their implications for HF physics in general [4].

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