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Seminar:Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking Pairing in Iron-Chalcogenide Superconductors

Speaker: Cong-Jun Wu 

Westlake University

Time: 10:00am, Monday, June 21, 2021

Location: Room 242, East 4, Ziingang Campus


The symmetries of superconducting gap functions remain an important issue in iron-based superconductivity. Motivated by the recent angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopic measurements of iron-chalcogenide superconductors, we investigate the constraints to the gap function symmetries from the experimental measurements on the topological surface states. The surface Dirac cone has been observed to open a gap in the superconducting phase, it implies magnetization induced from time-reversal symmetry-breaking pairing via spin-orbit coupling. Based on the crystalline symmetry constraints on the Ginzburg-Landau free energy, the gap function symmetries are among the possibilities of A1g(u) ± iA2g(u), B1g(u) ± iB2g(u), or Eg(u) ± iEg(u). This time-reversal symmetry-breaking effect can exist in the normal state very close to Tc with the relative phase between two gap functions locked at ±π/2 . This study provides the connection between the gap function symmetries and topological properties of the surface state


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吴从军,加利福尼亚大学圣迭戈分校物理系教授,美国物理学会会士。清华大学学士(1997),北京大学硕士(2000),斯坦福大学博士(2005)。曾获Sloan Research Fellowship和海外华人物理协会(现名全球华人物理学会)杰出青年科学家奖。在探索新物质状态和相应组织原则方面做出了杰出贡献,研究兴趣涵盖量子磁性、超导、拓扑状态、数学物理和量子蒙特卡洛模拟等方面。现已加入西湖大学,受聘物理学讲席教授。