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Peng Li 李鹏

PhD student from 2018-2021

Post-doc at  University of Science and Technology of China

Zhongzheng Wu 吴中正

PhD student from 2018-2021

An Wang 王安

PhD student from 2016-2021

DOBI Medical International, Inc.

Jiacheng Xu 许嘉诚

Master student from 2018-2021

Zhejiang Lab

Ding Wang 王钉

Master student from 2018-2021

Fan Wu 吴帆

PhD student from 2015-2020

Yongjun Zhang 张勇军

PhD student from 2016-2020

Associate Professor at Hubei Normal University

Wu Xie 谢武

PhD student from 2017-2020

Post-doc at Zhejiang University

Bin Shen 沈斌

PhD student from 2015-2020

Tian Le 乐天

PhD student from 2017-2020

Post-doc at Institute of Physics, CAS

Jie Li 李洁

Master student from 2017-2020

Nanjing Qinhuai Middle School

Peiran Zhang 张沛然

Master student from 2016-2020

PhD student at National University of Defense Technology

Liqiang Che 车利强

PhD student from 2016-2019

Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. (YMTC)

Chunyu Guo 郭春煜

PhD student from 2014-2019

Post-doc at EPFL

Qi Huang 黄琦

Master student from 2016-2019

Guiming Pang 庞贵明

PhD student from 2013-2018

Administrator, Zhejiang University

Zongfa  Weng 翁宗法

PhD student from 2012-2018

Xinbei Xia 夏心贝

Master student from 2015-2018

Qian Liu 刘芊

Master student from 2015-2018

Wenbing Jiang 江文兵

PhD student from 2012-2017

Research Assistant at at Shanghai Institute of Micro-system and Information Technology

Yunfeng Wang 王云枫

Master student from 2014-2016

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC)

Ye Chen 陈晔

PhD student from 2011-2015

Technician at Center for Correlated Matter (CCM), Zhejiang University

Fei Gao 高菲

Master student from 2013-2015

Jinglei Zhang 张警蕾

PhD student from 2010-2014

Researcher at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the CAS

Tian Shang 商恬

PhD student from 2010-2014

Tenure track professor at School of Physics and Electronic Science, East China Normal University (ECNU)

Lin Jiao 焦琳

PhD student from 2009-2014

Research Faculty at NHMFL

Jian Chen 陈健

PhD student from 2009-2013

Associate Professor at Zhejiang University of Water Resources and Electric Power

Binhao Fu 傅斌昊

Master student from 2011-2013

Ningbo Yinzhou Senior School

Lin Yang 杨琳

Master student from 2009-2012

Lecture, School ofScience, Hangzhou Dianzi University

Lukai Guo 郭鲁开

Master student from 2010-2012


Lina Wang王丽娜

Master student from 2010-2012

Director of Suzhou Changqi Plastic Mold Products Co., Ltd